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You probably already know that getting to the top of Google starts with keyword research, and our keyword picking tools help you find the big volume and long tail keywords you can compete on. We provide tonnes of great keyword suggestions, including the average monthly Google search volume - yes, even though Google has recently removed that data from their keyword planning tool.

Precision Target Your Keywords

SEO analysis of your Wordpress posts tells you what to change, in plain English, and updates as you type

You've picked your keywords, now we'll help you optimise your posts for them. Our real-time SEO analysis tells you in plain English how to make your articles more Google-friendly. We'll tell you which on-site SEO ranking factors actually work with today's Google, so you can focus your efforts where it counts. You can analyse multiple keywords on each post. And you don't have to use exact keyword matches - Google's smart enough to know that "quotes for car insurance" is pretty much the same as "car insurance quotes", and so are we.

Check Your Google Position

The Google Position Tracker shows your positions for all your keywords

The beating heart of SEO Flow, the Google rank checker shows you your current Google position on all your keywords. It's smart, so it rechecks your positions as soon as Google has picked up changes to your posts. And, because it's so integrated into Wordpress, we can do what we call Smart Change Tracking. Simply put, we keep track of changes you've made to your posts, so we can tell you when Google's picked up those changes, and what affect that had on your keyword rankings.

Works Perfectly With Your Existing SEO Plugins

There's no need to replace Yoast or All-In-One SEO plugins if you're already using them. SEO Flow works alongside other plugins just fine.

And SEO Flow is a lightweight efficient plugin. It won't slow down your Wordpress install, and is safe to use on production sites.

I love the way it helps me find the keywords. Helps me write posts with better SEO. Great tool!

Travel blogger Johann Binny Kuruvilla,

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